Many otherwise successful firms face their first great leadership challenge when it’s time to pursue a “must-win” contract that will take their business to the next level. Often the challenge is not having the right high-skilled leader to win or run the program – and current leaders are already busy enough with existing business to devote the time needed to find the right talent.

To help companies bridge this gap, Deep Water Point offers the Required Executive (REX) Program. REX is a strategic yet responsibly affordable way to connect companies with the transitional leadership they need to reach their potential. REX supplies carefully select and proven leaders who are ideally suited to a specific assignment, based on prior experience, technical expertise, operating style, and engagement length.

Because REX closely associates the level of engagement with a matching need, client can see significant savings over the cost of making a comparable full-time commitment, while gaining flexibility in how a bid or program is managed until full-time talent is truly required. In fact, past experience suggests REX can significantly increase win probability and program performance, while saving clients more than 50% compared to a full-time and fully-burdened key hire.

Using REX, clients can gain access to ready-now talent in such key categories as:

  • Lead business executives
  • Chief financial officers
  • Chief information officers
  • Program managers
  • Lead subject matter experts
  • Capture managers

Because these roles are so critical to forward success, and require a high degree of trust, Deep Water Point carefully crafted its REX model to ensure high performance with reduced risk. The result is an exceptionally well-proven program with numerous successful bids to its credit.

How It Works

Deep Water Point includes REX as part of our full client partnership, so there’s no additional contract to manage. Our team works with the client to define the right leadership asset for their needs. We then draw on our wide contact pool to locate and filter talent perfectly suited to that opportunity. Deep Water Point makes these unique people available at a discounted rate with an agreed-to minimum assignment until the bid is won. And during the bid process, Deep Water Point only bills clients for any individual time worked on the bid by the hour – with no bench time, and no burdens.