Creating a Mature, Disciplined Growth Environment

The market research has been done, and you’ve identified federal agencies you are focusing your resources on, and have built the initial pipeline of biddable opportunities.  Now, it’s time to drill deeper and select only those bids with the highest PWIN that your company can afford to bid.

Agencies provide requests for multitudes of products and services, and it’s critical to select the bids that will best match your strengths, capabilities and your new business budget.

The DWP Approach to Success

To begin developing the biddable opportunity pipeline, Deep Water Point will assist  your company in qualifying bids, from the previously selected high focus agencies and their bid pipelines,  which are to be awarded over the next 24 months.  This narrowed pipeline list are the bids with the highest PWIN based on the program requirements mapped to your best biddable assets, and that fit within your new business budget.

During this phase, your company will be able to take advantage of the over 100 Deep Water Point federal subject matter experts (SME). We will assign those SMEs who know the selected agencies and the select opportunities to support your qualified bid selection. We will then use our pipeline filtering template to select high win probability bids and qualified opportunities for each agency.

Deep Water Point addresses all elements of a successful, qualified bid list

Deep Water Point will work closely with your company to assess each of the bids selected; your companies early win strategy, strengths and weaknesses, corrective actions and new business budget allocation. DWP will help your company filter the list and select the highest PWIN bids that fit your budget. These are the bids that will deliver value to your customers, and business results and value to your company. By using our customizable templates, and having access to our highly experienced team, your business will be ready to bid a carefully selected set of opportunities with a high PWIN.

The goal of a partnership with Deep Water Point is to assist in putting solid building blocks in place to create a profitable business that delivers value to your customers and increased value for the business owners/investors.