For many retirees, or for those who want to consider an alternative second career model, consulting offers an opportunity to both enhance your quality of life and realize your financial goals. While many pursue this option as individuals, we believe that working with Deep Water Point offers many advantages that you may want to consider.  Our business model brings experienced private sector and public sector executives together to advise companies who target federal sector contract opportunities. We provide a support umbrella that enables our subject matter experts to focus on bringing value to our customers.

Deep Water Point provides expert advice from an array of experienced public and private sector executives to large and small companies so they can grow revenue, and realize their business plan goals. We are interested in interviewing candidates who can contribute to those objectives.

How can I determine that this option would work for me? Can I predict my ability to succeed?

For those coming out of full time positions, especially those who have been federal employees, it may be difficult for you to assess whether consulting is a viable option for you. However, if you are interested in exploring this, we are eager to meet with you to help you evaluate your potential. If this interests you, please contact Deep Water Point, Scott Hastings at:
(202) 577-7931