The Intelligence Community (IC) represents unique opportunities for companies to provide broad support to national security in collection, analysis, science, technology, and general services.  The IC, like many other federal organizations, is challenged by fiscal constraints, shifting priorities, and a rapidly changing technology landscape.  Companies will need to adjust traditional market approaches to be successful and relevant in tomorrow’s intelligence business. 

The IC’s strategic mission over the next decade will maintain appropriate focus on counter-terrorism while also adapting to a shifting global environment populated by increasingly sophisticated adversaries and a world that is mobile, media-rich, and digitally social.  Collection and analysis approaches will continue to adjust as a result of emerging technologies and advanced information technology capabilities.  Simultaneously, there will be less tolerance for expensive, multi-year development programs creating increased pressure for acquisition reform with a focus on flexibility and agility. 

  • IT Shared Services:  Ongoing pressure to migrate the IC’s information technology (IT) environment to a commercial-like shared services model will drive changes in how industry engages in IT product and service delivery.  Successful companies will capitalize on efficient service delivery to government-owned enterprise cloud computing environments. 
  • Intelligence Integration:  Opportunities exist for secure solutions centered on intelligence integration and exploitation of large volumes of disparate data with equal emphasis on ease of use by intelligence analysts and ease of deployment to the IC cloud. 
  • Cyber Security:  Cyber security remains a priority for the IC and all successful contractors must demonstrate sensitivity to supply chain risks, strength in corporate cyber security defenses, and retention of cyber savvy employees.  Contractors bringing specific cyber security offense or defense skills to the IC will balance advanced technical skills and knowledge of sophisticated adversaries. 

Deep Water Point recognizes enterprise affordability is critical given the IC’s fiscal constraints.  We are positioned to work with our clients and design solutions to minimize IC costs and maximize client growth potential.  Our team maintains knowledge on the technology areas of greatest interest to the IC with an understanding of the unique challenges associated with information assurance validation and verification (ICD 503 accreditation and authorization) within the IC’s most secure environments.  Companies positioned in key technology areas (e.g., Big Data, Social Media Exploitation, Cloud Computing, Secure Mobility, Multi-INT Intelligence Integration, Cyber Security) and able to deliver innovative, advanced, best value solutions will be best able to exploit IC opportunities. 

Deep Water Point understands the shifting IC landscape and our team has more than four decades of experience working for IC agencies and with IC vendors.   The Deep Water Point principals, partners, and affiliates maintain relationships with government counterparts to assure knowledge of current and future challenges in national security.  We also nourish strong interactions with an array of industry partners in the IC space.  These features combine to give our valued clients a comprehensive understanding of IC market requirements, initiatives, drivers, and issues.  Deep Water Point is committed to your success in the IC; we can provide the competitive edge and value positioning you need for specific IC engagements.