The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to be a challenging market for companies. Deep Water Point has identified several trends to which our clients will react. It will not be enough for companies to assume they can continue to pursue DHS opportunities without significant modifications to their go-to-market strategy.

Eagle Two is expected to become the primary ordering option for DHS, along with TABBS. In the event that they will not meet requirements, DHS will look to GSA vehicles and 8a set-asides with more frequency. As a result, small businesses will continue to have increased opportunities. It remains to be seen how TSA will move forward with their OASIS IDIQ, and unlikely that FEMA will be able to put into place a follow-on vehicle for its use. In short, DHS will have preferred vehicles, many of which will be their own departmental contracts.

Developments within DHS’s contracting processes are expected to result in the following:

  • Business owners will gain increasing influence over IT spending because of decreasing budgets, and a newly empowered operations ownership of requirements and investments. This will be particularly notable in CBP, ICE, and to some degree, CIS.
  • Large programs will be broken down into smaller, more measurable, and less risky increments. We expect this change to boost DHS prospects for small businesses. Focus on small business and agile development will continue.
  • DHS Headquarters initiatives will continue to consolidate virtual services. New strategies to buy ”cloud” services and implement better business processes around those services will be put into place, and mission area investments will have to accommodate DHS infrastructure investments.

The way to do business with DHS is rapidly changing. Going forward, "return on investment," "recovery of O and M dollars in legacy," "leveraging existing assets," and "more efficient commodity buys" will all be more than just catch phrases. They will be the new rules towards creative solutions.

Smaller, faster, cheaper solutions with better value will be goals for every bidder looking to succeed.

Our clients in the DHS market are looking to identify, anticipate and adapt to the agency’s new buying trends. These changes affect buying patterns and the requirements that bidders need to understand for success. They are very aware that their solutions must be aligned with the specific requirements of DHS. In addition, companies in the DHS market are looking to address and comply with the agency’s views regarding integration, the role of agile development and incremental value, new roles for project management and architecture companies, DHS Cloud philosophy. All of these elements lead to potentially rebranding or alternative go to market strategies. Our clients are looking for assistance with redefining their company discriminators to better resonate with new customer approaches and processes.

To address these issues, clients are looking to Deep Water Point for:

  • Traditional business intelligence that will assist with qualifying opportunities and supporting bid decisions
  • Development of customer intimacy and knowledge, as well as appropriate alliances to offer solutions rather than point services
  • Influence regarding RFPs and acquisitions to increase their competitive edge
  • Traditional capture support

By working with Deep Water Point, our clients are able to collaborate directly with former DHS top level executives as well as industry leaders who successfully managed DHS business. It becomes clear very quickly to our clients that the ability to work side by side with the combination of government and industry executives who are intimately familiar with DHS is invaluable.

When engaging Deep Water Point, our clients not only tap into the specific knowledge and resources needed for a particular project, they also gain access to all of the expertise we provide. Our team is comprised of successful executives who work with our clients to solve a wide range of business challenges. These may include business development strategies, creative solution support, price strategies, business growth advice, as well as other issues that go beyond the initial core capture focus.

Deep Water Point can assist with specific opportunities in DHS, while also providing intelligence of broader trends that the Department and oversight entities will bring to bear. With this knowledge, which will influence mission RFPs, Deep Water Point has the ability to help position companies very effectively towards the goal of increasing revenues in DHS while achieving other business strategies.