Accelerate Your Early Growth

Your business mission, business plan, staff and structure is now established, and you’re ready to grow into the federal market place. While you have a sense of which markets are your preferred start up targets for your offerings, you know it’s critical to narrow your search to make sure you’re using your time and resources wisely to achieve a startup success. 

That’s smart.

You’re in the early growth phase, and at this stage, the Deep Water Point can team with you to thoroughly assess the markets and map their needs and programs to your core capabilities. This will ensure that you have the right biddable assets for success. Deep Water Point will work closely with you to help determine which agencies will be best served, have a need for your company’s solutions, and have funded near term programs you can bid on with a high Probability of Win (PWIN).

Deep Water Point addresses all elements of a successful early growth solution

Deep Water Point’s knowledge spans across the federal civil agencies, the defense market, and the intelligence community. We have over 100 SMEs from over 20 agency facing teams ready to assist your growth. This puts us in a very strong position to assist with agency account planning for each agency selected, including providing agency information regarding:

  • Organization
  • Decision makers
  • Federal budget for each agency        
  • Funded programs
  • Procurement plans
  • Preferred solutions
  • Price To Win models
  • Current incumbents
  • Major competitors
  • Teaming
  • Key Subject Matter Experts

Once target agencies and their upcoming, funded programs are identified, Deep Water Point will assist with prioritizing your pipeline to fit within your business development and capture

By using our customizable templates, and having access to our highly experienced team, your business will be ready to select your highest PWIN growth bid pipeline, and move onto the next phase.

The goal of a partnership with Deep Water Point is to assist in developing a high PWIN bid pipeline to achieve your early growth targets and to create a profitable business that delivers value to your customers, a career for your staff and increased value for the business owners/investors.