Establishing a new company

Starting a new business, division or have a seed of an idea for the federal marketplace?

How exciting, and possibly daunting.  Where to begin?

Partnering with Deep Water Point will start you off on solid footing, and accelerate your success.  Our team is comprised of seasoned executives – former CEO/owners – who have “been there, done that”.  They’ve sold their company and now they are available to help you build yours.

The Deep Water Point Approach to Success

Deep Water Point assists clients in building their businesses from the ground up in the federal marketplace. Our firm includes over 40 proven federal industry executives, including former presidents and vice presidents of large and small businesses, who have established and grown highly successful federal businesses. 

We couple our strong business capabilities with a deep knowledge of federal agencies which stems from the expertise and experiences of our more than 70 former government executives. Our federal subject matter experts have an intimate understanding of the funded programs, current successful companies in the field and potential competitors. With your plan and goals in mind, we provide experts, resources, tools, and proven approaches tailored to identify the appropriate federal marketplace and funding for you.

Deep Water Point addresses all elements of a successful solution:

  • Setting up an organizational structure
  • Creating a marketing and BD approach
  • Development of key bid capabilities and resources
  • Identifying key personnel
  • Required internal business systems
  • Required cost centers
  • Typical G&A budget
  • Typical overhead budget
  • Initial business plan
  • Start-up investment funding requirements, including financing options such as lines of credit

By using our customizable templates, and having access to our highly experienced team, your business will be ready to open its doors, and move onto the next phase.

The goal of a partnership with Deep Water Point is to assist in putting solid building blocks in place to create a profitable business that delivers value to your customers, a career for your staff and increased value for the business owners/investors.