Deep Water Point helps its clients address their cyber security needs by bringing together senior cyber leaders from both government and industry to address current and future cyber challenges. We've aligned our value around the five Cyber Trust pillars, with subject matter experts in the foundational elements of each pillar – governance, process, human capital, enabling technologies, and policy.

What clients ask us to address

  • Accreditation – C&A processes, risk mitigation approaches, and security protection mechanisms that help our clients establish and execute compliance-focused services
  • Cyber Resilience & Agile Cyber Netcentricity – services and solutions needed to effectively and efficiently mitigate cyber threats and vulnerabilities, using a readiness-response-recovery scenario
  • Trusted Identity – creating trusted environments through identity and access management
  • Operational Control / Cyber C2 – to continuously monitor and collaborate mission health, and provide end-to-end situational awareness and mission assurance
  • Information Assurance – assuring information and managing risks related to use, processing, storage and transmission of information

Deep Water Point helps our clients address the evolving nature of cyber security by addressing the both the need and the enabling technologies:


  • "Nature inspired" solutions - immune system that automatically identifies, contains and mitigates threats
  • Designed-in security - high assurance s/w intensive solutions, resistant to vulnerabilities, resilient to attack
  • Trustworthy spaces - end to end, including mobile, wireless, transcend physical and cyber boundaries
  • Situational awareness - identify and access management in cyberspace
  • Commercial adaptation - to promote mission assurance / fulfillment

Emerging Technologies 2013-14

  • Cloud
    • Public, Private, and Hybrid
    • XaaS (Software, Platform, Infrastructure)
  • Cyber
    • Cloud Security
    • Continuous Monitoring / Situational Awareness
  • Mobile
    • Broadband
    • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


What DWP brings to the table

Deep Water Point provides a competitive edge to our clients in the cyber security market. We provide competitive advantage to our clients with strategic and tactical account planning, life-cycle business development and capture management assistance that increases their win probability in an intensely competitive environment.

  • We understand the cybersecurity marketplace in all missions – federal civil, defense, and intel
  • We have strong subject matter experts in each Cyber Trust pillar
  • We provide senior executive access across the federal cyber community
  • We maintain strong ties to industry partners who provide cyber products and services
  • We help conduct comprehensive analyses of cyber market requirements, funding, trends, technology initiatives, and barriers to entry
  • We provide positioning and competitive intelligence for key federal cyber initiatives and opportunities