The agencies that comprise the federal government civilian marketplace have distinct business needs and processes and procedures. They are as unique as the mission statements they carry out each day. Understanding and having knowledge of one agency does not by any means translate into how to grow your business within another area. In addition, the playing field is ever changing especially during times of budgetary volatility. Success within the civilian marketplace is built on developing relationships, having keen knowledge of how to best present your business to individual agencies, and a clear understanding of agency requirements.  Deep Water Point, with our extensive pool of agency and industry executives, is ideally positioned to assist your firm in navigating this vast territory. 

Identifying an agency in which to gain market share goes beyond knowing the ins and outs of the department. That’s a good start, but to be successful and win business, companies must take a creative approach to their methods including paying great attention to win themes and pricing strategies. Having a solid understanding of the principle priorities of an agency is also critical to moving forward with them.

Working with Deep Water Point will give you the advantage you are looking for to identify and move forward with agencies who are good matches for your services and offerings. Our team has intimate knowledge of the requirements of each agency, knows what messaging has the best chance of resonating with agency leaders, and understands the timing involved in how to increase your win rate. We also have teams of experts in cybersecurity, mobility, data center consolidation and cloud computing which are the current government priorities.

Our reach into the federal civilian market include industry and government senior executives who have worked within a wide range of agencies including, but not limited to, the following:

Department of Transportation
State Department
Treasury Department
General Services Administration
Department of Energy
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Agriculture
Department of Labor
Department of Education
Department of Veterans Affairs
Social Security Administration