We established our Center for Corporate Growth to help CEOs and senior leaders of small and mid-size companies take their organizations to the next level. Facilitating this growth requires leaders manage a delicate balance of strategy, capture, program operations, financial operations, human resources, and acquisitions. To help achieve this balance, Deep Water Point's integrated solution includes:

Strategic Advice and Support -- more than just a Strategic Plan

  • A Strategic Plan that realistically helps you set indirect budgets that align with your strategic goals
  • Near-term advice and support for defining your offerings and targeting customers

Business evaluation services

  • Honest evaluations of all aspects of your business, including business development, human resources, internal operations, competitive posture, proposal development capability
  • Recommended priorities and action plan for implementing improvements

Advisory Board Services

  • Expertise you need, without having to hire experts in every field
  • Mentoring services to CEOs and senior managers

Financial and internal operations advisory services

  • Indirect spending and rate analysis, with concrete advice on how to create and maintain cost centers and competitive wrap rates
  • A focus on margins and not just revenue

Human Resources Consulting

  • Define and promote your culture to enhance employee engagement
  • Define a rewards and incentive program that works for you

Capture and Business Development

  • Innovative capture approaches
  • Dedicated Subject Matter Experts

Merger & Acquisition Support

  • Evaluation of potential companies, with due diligence
  • Business and people integration plan