Capturing a qualified Must Win opportunity and designing a winning proposal

With a qualified and budgeted bid pipeline in place, your selected ‘Must Win’ bid targets are clear and the next job is to win them. The capture phase now focuses your business on establishing a high PWIN strategy and capture management plan to win the majority of these selected bids and to accomplish this with the highest efficiency and for the lowest internal bid  cost. While most companies that bid federal procurements have a win rate < 50%, Deep Water Point clients win rate is >50%. For example, our FAA team win rate is >75%.

Some questions you’re probably asking at this stage of the game:

  • What skills are required in your company?
  • What should a bid cost during the capture phase?
  • What are the best approaches and processes to ensure a high PWIN bid that you can afford?
  • How should the executive summary be organized, what is its purpose and what should it say?
  • What skills are required in the proposal team?
  • What should a winning proposal cost and what are the ways of reducing cost and still produce a winning proposal?
  • How to best ensure that the win themes and discriminators are correctly woven throughout each segment of the proposal?
  • What are the best approaches and processes to ensure a high PWIN bid that you can afford?

The Deep Water Point Approach to Success

Deep Water Point knows from experience that the key to winning federal business is successful capture management. We have worked with many firms to determine the most logical target opportunity mix based on a proven formula. Our approach is based on the Seven key lessons learned = Higher PWIN & LOWER BID COST

  1. Top SMEs = Agency intimacy
    • Know best solutions
    • Know high value/low risk
  2. Timing is everything/call plans
    • Start well before the RFP
    • Build the preferred solution
  3. RFP Shaping white papers (WP)
    • Assess best evaluation model
    • Use sample problems
    • Develop mock RFP
  4. Solution WP & Iterate with agency
    • Develop preferred solution
    • Show Program On a Page
    • Transition Plan
    • Invest top assets
  5. Early Executive Summary
    • Key sales points to agency
    • Winning discriminators
    • Use as Prop Team guide
    • Cuts bid cost: one major proposal rewrite instead of three very costly rewrites
  6. Pricing Innovations
    • Reduce TCO  over POP by offering major productivity improvements
    • Deliver top talent/low wrap
    • Business case
    • Process innovations
  7. Shape solution to max L&M score
    • +5% score/- 5% price

Deep Water Point addresses all elements of a successful bid capture and high PWIN solution

Deep Water Point supports the following essential capture management components:

  • Capture manager and lead consults selection (the ‘Dream Team’)
  • Capture Plan development
  • RFP assessment
  • Preferred solution to max RFP sections L&M point score development
  • Establishing a Call Plan with key decision makers
  • RFP shaping white papers with agency review
  • Developing solution white papers and review with agency
  • Performing competitive assessment and therefore solution refinement to beat the competition
  • Writing an early Executive Summary with the following all mapped to section L&M:
    • Win themes
    • Discriminators
    • Innovations
    • Lessons Learned
    • Commitments and investments

By using Deep Water Point’s capture template and executive summary template to maximize point score at best value price, we will assess the detailed solution to determine how it score; it will include:

  • Management approach
  • Technical approach
  • Key personnel
  • Past performance
  • Sample problems
  • Ghosting
  • Best value price
  • Low risk transition plan
  • Price-To-Win

Proposal Design and Assessment

The next stage in the new business life cycle is the development of a formal proposal that is fully compliant to every requirement of the RFP, and is also a most compelling sales document that convinces the Source Evaluation Board (SEB) and Source Selection Official (SSO) to assess your companies solution as the winning bid with the preferred highest value, lowest risk and best price solution.

Partnering with Deep Water Point will ensure a highly disciplined and creative proposal design and assessment process. Together, we will address all the formal requirements, including the compelling win themes and discriminators required to beat the competitors and get selected as the winner. Our joint goal will be to design the highest PWIN proposal that scores the maximum points, with the best price, and then rigorously assess the proposal product to determine if it achieves the max score against the best competitors. The DWP approach can also reduce your proposal development cost using our SMEs and our highly efficient processes, tools and templates.

Deep Water Point knows from experience that the key to maximizing the point score and winning federal business is a disciplined capture and proposal management plan.

Deep Water Point addresses all elements of proposal design and assessment for a high PWIN proposal

Deep Water Point supports the following essential proposal components:

  • Select proposal manager, team and processes
  • Establish proposal budget
  • Conduct Black Hat review
  • Write an early Executive Summary as a guideline
  • Conduct a Pink Team review on the first draft
  • Conduct a Red Team review on the second draft
  • Conduct a Gold Team review of the final product
  • Conduct a Price To Win  review
  • Support the Orals strategy
  • Support the  BAFO strategy